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If you are seeking to upgrade or modernise your phone system, join me on a journey to explore the various options and benefits available to you.

With over 20 years of experience maximising our client’s telephony investments, our well-respected history in the industry & relationships in the right places means we are here to help your project be a success.

As passionate Unified communications and contact centre expert, we welcome the opportunity to demonstrate the expertise and impact we can bring to your project.

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Thank you for taking the time to take a closer look at us.

I’m Andy Moules, Founder of Red Rose Technologies, and it’s my pleasure to introduce you to my UC & CC advisory.

Launched in 2020 we work with many forward-thinking IT leaders to offer a number of services that support the procurement of cloud-based unified communication and contact centre services and solutions.

Our Technology Partnerships

There are over 600 providers of UC platforms, and depending on an organisations’ needs, only certain providers meet criteria.

Our processes align vendor capabilities to your business priorities. We then take the competitive positioning of the providers and match your exact needs to help make the smartest decision.

We put extensive time and investment into our partner relationships to understand their technology and future roadmaps.

Working with market-leading technology partners enables our clients to stay at the forefront of their industry. 

Trusted Partners:

Why Red Rose

Problem Solvers

We know you want this thing but tell us what it’s going to solve, and tell us what KPI you hope this moves when we solve it.

By actually understanding your business and the problems you are looking to solve, we are better placed to recommend solutions that will do exactly what you need.


Clients needing multiple proposals value that we take the headache out of sourcing and coordinating with multiple suppliers.

It also means our clients don’t have to have multiple initial discovery sessions over and over again, we capture this information before approaching any potential providers

Inhouse Telephone Experts

You may be looking for a product but are you really looking for a partner? Do you need someone that can hold your hand, keep the project on track every step of the way and stand with you and provide market expertise?

We want to be seen as an extension of your team.