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Gearing up for long-term digitization in the legal sector.

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

In the UK legal sector, the pandemic brought about five to ten years of digital transformation in under a year. The sudden switch to remote working meant traditional ways of doing business and engaging with clients went out of the window. Everything from client meetings to court hearings had to switch to digital channels. In-office firewalls and security protocols had to be transformed for use on home Wi-Fi networks. It was a monumental shift in the way law firms use technology to engage with peers and clients.

Short-term success – but what next?

The speed and efficiency of the switch to remote working was impressive. The entire legal sector incorporated new technologies very effectively to continue providing the levels of service and security that clients expect. Now, as we emerge from the pandemic and begin to return to offices and potentially in-person meetings, it’s time to reflect on how hybrid working practices might operate – and the technologies required to support them.

Law firms will need to establish best practice ways of managing and regulating the new ways of working and identify the optimum technologies to adopt. The new flexibility enabled by hybrid working offers opportunities for firms to adapt in different ways to gain a competitive advantage.

Navigating the technology maze

Firms facing up to these new possibilities in a highly digital work environment could be forgiven for feeling overwhelmed by the technology options available. In cloud telephony alone there are more than 100 different systems on the market, offering varying degrees of functionality and reliability. Many are simply rebranded or repackaged solutions, often with limited levels of support from the supplier.

For the legal sector, where professionalism, reliability and security are so important to maintain standards of service, choosing the right technologies now could make all the difference to competitiveness in the future. With the right support and advice, firms can choose a small number of highly capable, fully integrated and well supported cloud-based systems to enable efficient, profitable and supremely professional legal service delivery.

Trusted technologies for legal applications

At Red Rose Technologies, we have many years experience of advising the legal sector on unified cloud communications technologies. We understand the importance of trust for the legal sector, which is why we only work with a carefully vetted network of cloud technology and legal software specialists. By identifying and understanding the needs of each client, we play a pivotal role in helping the legal sector maximise the value of digital technologies in the new world of work.

One of the things I stress to clients now is that phone systems are no longer simply a utility. Cloud-based phone solutions have become an important productivity tool, which is why we work directly with product suppliers, such as LogMeIn, to create solutions that fulfil specific legal-sector requirements.

Recommended software for simplicity and security

For cloud telephony, we recommend systems like GoToConnect from LogMeIn to facilitate all calls, video conferencing and messaging. GoToConnect integrates with commonly used systems and software, such as the Microsoft ecosystem, and with widely used specialist legal IT systems like Clio legal case management software.

To meet the strict security and confidentiality requirements of legal firms, and an online password-management system like LastPass from LogMeIn, provides a single sign-on, encrypted portal to keep critical information secure yet easily accessible.

Read our legal sector spotlight

Red Rose Technologies, along with LogMeIn recently sponsored a fascinating roundtable discussion hosted by TechSPARK to explore the issues facing legal firms as we adapt to the new realities of working life. Following the event, we put together a ‘sector spotlight’ white paper to highlight some of the key issues and solutions. To request your copy contact us at

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