How SD-WAN is changing the way we do business

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Rapid digital transformation is resulting in changes in the workplace, how we interact with customers, and the nature of work. This is creating new challenges for businesses, which must find ways to keep up. One way that companies are meeting these challenges is by implementing SD-WAN technology. What is SD-WAN and What are its Benefits? […]

European Legal TechnologyForum 2021


Red Rose Technologies had the pleasure of exhibiting at the recent European Legal Security Forum, the event was attended by over 300 Senior technology executives from the world of law and legal community, the full day oflive conferences and exhibitions gave attendees an emphasis on cyber protection, critical response and risk mitigation, the European Legal […]

Enhancing fan loyalty through personalised communication with Unified Communications.

Fans want to feel valued and appreciated by their favourite sports teams so building and maintaining fan loyalty is crucial for the sports sector. One effective way to achieve this is through personalised communication. Unified Communications (UC & CC) technology offers a powerful solution to enhance fan loyalty by enabling businesses to connect and engage […]

Bristol Law Society 250th awards

Red Rose Event

Red Rose Technologies had the pleasure of sponsoring the ‘legal innovation award of the year’ at the Bristol Law Society 250th anniversary. Congratulations go to the team at Osborne Clarke for the award. It was great to spend the evening with so many friends in the legal community while doing our bit to promote technology […]

Avaya upgrade path

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Avaya has long been a leading provider of communication solutions, offering both on-premises IP Office and their cloud-based ACO (Avaya cloud office) platform. For businesses currently using Avaya’s on-premises IP Office, migrating to the cloud-based ACO platform presents a compelling upgrade path. This blog will explore the Avaya upgrade path from on-premises IP Office to […]